Fall into Ruin

Into the Dark
session 2

(all about saving the girl)

Just a Drink
Session 1

Antonio & Lillia just thought it would be a quite night with a few drinks and stories at a tavern. They had both come to the small Osirion town as they journeyed both looking for something, one looking for something different, the other, glory. they started their night with a few drinks before there night was interrupted by a cleric purifying all of the drinks in the place. The more he did it the more they disliked him and the more disgruntled the crowd got. Lillia lobbed her drink at the mans head when her used his magic on her drink. The crowd cheered and soon the agitated owner stepped in and asked the man to leave. As he did so another cleric popped his head in the door calling for help to save a girl in need of rescue.

Tristan had been on his way in to the bar when a woman called out for help she rushed down the street asked all she passed for help. When she got to to Tristan , he asked her what happened. She spook about how a group cam in and had taken her daughter off the the old ruins out side of town.

Tristan called in to the tavern for help offering any how come gold and drink upon the return of the girl. Antonio and Lillia stood and offered their weapons. They asked a few more questions about what happened and then the small band made there way to the old holy grounds.


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